Quality Trailers is a family owned and operated company based in Portland Oregon with a vast amount of experience in building high quality custom trailers. Our history goes back to the early 2000s.

In 2001, Quality Trailers started as a company that manufactured flat bed trailers, car haulers, goose-neck and dump trailers, primarily for the construction industry. We have been building quality commercial trailers for many great years.

During the 2008 economic downturn, the construction industry (our largest customers), suffered substantial losses, and consequently, our trailer sales dwindled considerably. We then shifted our focus to the booming food truck and trailers business. We have been specializing in building high quality concession trailers ever since. Our hometown, Portland Oregon, is famous for food carts, so we know food trailers first hand.

2010 marks the beginning of our manufacturing development. In the following years, we have manufactured and sold hundreds of food trailers with one common characteristic: We always put out our best manufacturing practices and high quality components in every trailer. Over time we have come to realize that quality work doesn’t just mean an amazing kitchen on wheels, but equally importantly, the kitchen has to perform to our customers’ expectations in order to make happy and satisfied customers a reality.

In early 2014, www.qualityfoodtrailers.com website was born with the vision to build top quality food trailers and provide the best customer service that our customers deserve.

Quality Trailers INC announced in 2016, the worldwide release of the world’s first fully equipped Food Trailer equipped with Solar Panels, combining the best in energy conservation and sustainability. This ground-breaking technology brings new food trailer operators to experience reductions in their energy consumption!

Quality Trailers INC can make any mobile food operation a reality. Our expertise in CAD design and our expertly skilled personnel will ensure your food trailer is manufactured to the highest industry standards and to your satisfaction.