Helping Deeʻs Poi Mochi rebuild after the Lahaina wildfires

At the heart of our concession trailer community, every mobile kitchen weaves a unique story of ambition, resilience, and unity. At Quality Trailers, we felt a profound connection to Dee Rodrigues’s plight when the Lahaina wildfires engulfed her beloved Dee’s Poi Mochi, erasing not just a business but a vital piece of Hawaiian heritage and community joy. This disaster reminded us of the vulnerabilities we all share in this industry and galvanized our commitment to stand on one of our own during her time of need.

Joining forces with Cook Solutions Group, we’re determined to help Dee rebuild her dream, signaling a beacon of hope for all concession trailer business owners facing adversity. Our collaboration embodies more than assistance; it’s a testament to our collective spirit of perseverance and solidarity. By supporting Dee, we reinforce our shared resilience and are ready to face any challenges together. Learn more by clicking here.

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