How To Finance a Food Trailer

We are passionate about helping others. We, as a family-owned company in Portland, have been in the trailer industry for nearly two decades, and know what it takes to start a food trailer business. We are therefore doing our best to help our clients get all the financing aid possible so that they achieve their goals confidently.

Building trailers is our job and we love it!  We love it even more when people increasingly buy trailers to develop their food service business. Here comes the need for financing trailers and we are striving to make it available for starters and established companies.
We know you are here because you are serious about starting a food trailer business. The cost of starting a restaurant is too much, so what you have decided needs to be appreciated! You are smartly looking to make profits without significant investment to worry about! Moreover, with Quality Trailers by your side, you cannot ask for better support!
Do you already own a food trailer and looking to expand or want to own the first one shortly? Never mind, whatever be it, we can help you. Do you have enough savings for the equipment or can afford only gas and food ingredients? You need to sit and think over it seriously. Are you ready to buy a food trailer?

Financing for food trailers

You might have gone through many blogs relating to the financing of food trailers. However one point to be noted here is, there is not enough content on this. While some may ask you to put in all your savings into this project, some might encourage you to ask your near relative or a parent. Take note; you can go to the SBA to start your venture or seek financing from the bank. We work with all financial institutions, and if it works for you, then it works for us.
We at Quality Trailers Inc understand the requirement for financing and have therefore come up with the required help for our clients. Just go through our financing options, with these companies you will find the best ideal solution to start a food trailer business immediately. You can also finance just a trailer or only the equipment in the trailer. In such cases, you can acquire and start using the equipment to generate revenues quickly.
To start a project with us, we need 50% down payment. So take off all your worries and focus on other important aspects of your business. Qualifying for financing is easy if you have a high credit score and experience in managing the business. It’s not an easy task to start up a business, but anyone can do it if you start with the right equipment and help from us Quality Trailers Inc.
If you are looking to purchase a new trailer and come with bad credit or if you are starting, private financing might be perfect. There are other financing options as well if you feel traditional funding will not work for you. However, this will cost you a bit more, when compared with what you would be required to pay if you got the financing from your bank.
These lenders are interested in getting some returns on their money but how do you benefit? Well, with banks, it might take several days or months to get your loan approved, but with these lenders it is easy. Many times, the loan will be approved within 24 hours, so there is not much waiting or running around.

Financing for a food trailer is like any other financing. The lender must be convinced that you can make money with this business so that his payments are assured. Thus having a good business plan will help you get a loan. Once this is done, a deal can happen.


Now, to understand things better, let us work with numbers:

A mobile kitchen business, as per industry analysis and surveys, can fetch you anywhere between $20,000-$45,000/month. If you are a starter and spend some money on promoting your business or if your food does not go well with the people, that is a different issue. For calculation purposes, let’s keep your sales at $30,000/month. Fair enough? What are you going to do with this money? What are the costs you need to cover?

    • Food products (around $8000)
    • Fuel $500
    • Maintenance $1000
    • Around $2000 as parking fee and other miscellaneous costs
  • $500 or so for insurance

This means, you will incur costs around $12,000 and you will be left with $18,000. This certainly sounds good for the lenders.


Guidelines on qualifying for financing for a food trailer

There are many factors affecting the financing of a food trailer. Aspects such as credit score, your experience in the industry, your area of operation, your background- all these contribute to making a deal.

  •         If you are in the food trailer business for over 2 years and come with a good credit, financing must be a walk in the park for you. Banks and private lenders will be ready to lend money, you can choose the best one for your financial condition.
  •         If you come with a good credit score and have a minimum of 3-4 years experience in the food industry, you should not be seeing any difficulty in getting the required finance. You can start your food trailer now.
  •         If you’ve got an average credit score and are backed with some savings for the down payment, there should not be a cause for worry. Banks and private financiers will be willing to lend you money.
  •         Have you got 50 percent for down payment? Have you got that enthusiasm to start a mobile kitchen? You have all the chances of getting qualified.
  •         Got a collateral worth the amount of the trailer you are looking to buy? You can qualify!

Now, with so many financing options and opportunities to qualify, do you have any other reason to look back? Definitely not!

Just let us know your interest and financial condition, and we will suggest you the best financing. We are passionate about food trailers, and all we want is see you hitting the streets with an equipped quality built trailer. Our goal is to help you with the financing and take pride when you grow your business.

We understand that finances are a top requirement to start any business, and with food trailers, it is no different. Quality Trailers does not tolerate any wanting to be an entrepreneur stepping back, therefore do all that we can to motivate such people. If you are one such individual, waste no time in reaching out to us. We build custom food trailers and help you with the financing part too, so you need not look elsewhere for the purpose. With us, it is like having a mentor by your side.

We are reputed for best practices and reliable services. We have been dealing with trusted lenders over the years and know what best can be done to help our clients. Getting a loan approved is no easy deal, but with us, it can be surprisingly simple!

If you have any questions or would want more information, then please feel free to get in touch with us. We will be more than glad to resolve all your questions relating to trailers and financing. We are available on all weekdays, give us a call or meet us in person.



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