Quality Trailers INC. Enters Solar Energy Technology

Solar eclipse..

Portland, OR – Quality Trailers Inc. announced today the worldwide release of the world’s first fully equipped Food Trailer equipped with Solar Panels, an innovation that combines the best in energy conservation and sustainability. This ground-breaking technology brings new food trailer operators to experience reductions in their energy consumption! “Food trailer operators have been waiting for more affordable ways to be off the grid, and still be able to do business as usual with using solar energy, and be able to achieve reductions in their utility bills. We’ve responded by introducing our first ever, solar-powered food trailer, making food trailer operations more diverse, and which will redefine the market” said Pavel Yasinskiy, President, Quality Trailers Inc. “Throughout our company, we have strived  to give our customers the best possible, most functional, and most technologically advanced food trailer on the market.”

Performance and Reliability

Whether it’s looking at energy savings, sustainability, or just simply considering today’s newest technologies, food trailer operators want  more versatility in how they want their units built. Our new fully-equipped solar-powered food trailer raise the bar for all other food trailer manufacturers. For the first time ever, operators can finally get what they want. “Our solar panels feature a powerful processor that delivers functionality in distribution of electricity, normally found in conventional  electrical panels,” said Mike Shiyanenko, General Manager, Quality Trailers Inc. “This new technology that embraces solar-energy to such high degree  is perfect for operators in areas where the grid is not an option.”

Energy On The Go

Our new solar-powered food trailers are designed for consumers looking for an energy-demand-on-the-go capability… It’s a reality and it’s here to stay!

Pricing and Availability

This new solar-panel customization is available now. However, each business operation is very different from each other. The electrical requirements to operate a food trailer efficiently are unique to each individual unit. Customers will need to answer a brief questionnaire that will help analyze the power requirement needs to allow Quality Trailers Inc. for accurate price estimates.

About Quality Trailers Inc.

Quality Trailers Inc. builds industry leading food trailers designed for a wide array of business applications. With a business model that  is built on progress and a history of innovation starting with our aerodynamic design, the company produces high-quality and easy-to-operate food trailers at national and international levels. Quality Trailers Inc. is headquartered in Portland, OR. For more information see www.qualityfoodtrailers.com. Contact Quality Trailers Inc., Mike Shiyanenko, General Manager 503-778-0309; sales@qualityfoodtrailers.com.